Welcome to my page.

I think we are all guilty of getting absorbed in social media, our phones, our ‘likes’ and our supposedly ‘enhanced’ lives. Although I have been blessed with a life intertwined with the wild, I too feel as though I am slowly losing my connection to nature. I am now making a conscious effort to re-connect…this time without a password and I would love to invite you to join along.

My time spent mindlessly scrolling through ‘feeds’ has made me feel as though this world simply needs more integrity. This can obviously be applied in a million different ways, but something that is of significance to me is the great outdoors and how much ‘comfort’ it can offer us. This is of course subject to the way in which we treat it and its wildlife within, but also the way in which we ‘see’ it. I don’t want to portray the sensationalised ‘savagery’ of the wild as some do, I hardly think people will want to conserve or connect with it when cast in such a light. I want the sheer magnificence and beauty of life and our wilderness areas to be show cased, appreciated and understood better. To help expose you to some of the intricate webs in which it is all connected, the purity and rawness of mother nature, but also invite you to join in on the fun, adventure, exploration and discovery.

 There are many ways in which the importance and fragility of the wild can be conveyed, but perhaps as important as that, is for it to be in a way that is easy to engage with and that also helps awaken a deep love and appreciation for nature. I dread to think of the amount of time my kids might perhaps spend behind a screen, but a part of me feels that this ‘flurry’ and frantic absorption of mass media, short ‘fixes’, overload and under-processed information will collapse. It has to. At times it literally makes me physically and mentally ill when I spend too much time engrossed scrolling through mindless nonsensical feed. One ends up coming out of it feeling irritated and ‘hollow’ for the amount of time you’ve wasted and for what you actually got out of it.

I have spent many of my guiding years trying to inspire ‘city kids’ to step out, squint their eyes at the sun instead of the screen and simply enjoy being young, free and wild outdoors. My change in career at this stage does not allow me to do that as much as I would like and so it is my wish to try and help do it here.

It might seem hypocritical to then try keep people glued to another screen, but through this page I want to inspire individuals from all ages, that when they have finished reading, they put down the phone, close the screen and step outside. Of course I understand that not everyone has access to forests, parks, gardens etc. but there has to be a way for this page to ‘open some doors’ to the wild, even if only in the mind. I want to help remind people on how incredibly special life and the great outdoors are. I want it to inspire the youth to live more, look more and feel more.

It is my sincerest wish that you will join me on these adventures, escape into the unknown and open your eyes to the vivid colors of life around you.

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